Writing Essays

Writing essays is a creative task necessitating crucial writing and research skills so that essays are free of plagiarism. Students need to have a clear topic in mind before beginning to write an essay, if it has not been provided by the educator. Once an essay topic has been decided upon, students assume the role of writers and begin writing, which is an engaging process. Essay writing occurs in several stages, and it is advisable that writers begin with a rough draft of their essay, which includes the important points which can be later developed. Once the rough draft has been drafted, writing the essay becomes less challenging to the writer. Students need to research from books, articles, online databases and libraries, which have authentic and scholarly literature available for referencing.

An essay should ideally begin with an introduction and a thesis statement explaining the topic and the rationale behind writing the essay. The main body of the essay should be equally divided into three or five paragraphs. Writers should note that each paragraph of the essay should have a distinct sub-topic relating to the main topic of the essay and the introductory statement should provide a clear topic of discussion. Essays should include in-text citations adhering to APA and MLA styles to acknowledge the writer and the resources being used in the essay, failing which, students can bear terrible consequences due to plagiarism. Finally, the conclusion should be a summation of all the important points discussed in the essay in a brief and concise manner. The reference list or bibliography should begin on the next fresh page and should be in accordance with APA or MLA citation styles. To have your essays written professionally, contact us through online chat.

Written By Fatema Batul, Operations Manager, Oxbridge Researchers